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Alexis Robardet

About me

I am a French engineering student at CentraleSupélec. I am also doing a double degree in the Robotics master at EPFL.
I discovered programming when I was 16. I started with C/C++ and explored a lot of languages and technologies since then (Python, MATLAB, HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, SQL...)
I especially like working on low-level projects, starting from scratch, as well as projects related to rendering.
During my studies, I had the opportunity to work on varied projects, ranging from making an autonomous vehicle drive itself on a grid to optimizing the distribution of passengers in a plane.
You can have more details about my education or the several projects I have worked on by visiting my LinkedIn profile. You can also have an overview of what I am working on at the moment on my GitHub profile.


Demo of Fraus
Demo application for Fraus

Fraus is a rendering engine based on Vulkan and written in C. It is my main project at the moment and I am working on it in my free time.

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